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Oh, the wall of random thought...

...it stands so high, to Heaven naught.

Shaun McVay
2 November 1988
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I like most of everything. Except people. I hate most of them. If you have to ask, I probably hate you. If you ask as a joke, I hate you until I'm done reading it. I am Asatru, and proud of it. I will not be converted or assimilated in any way. You will not convince me that people are good, you will not convince me that people need to be saved. I have my times when I'm depressed, but it doesn't rule me. I'm not emo, and I don't like emos. Emos and juggalos are my greatest enemies. The closest group to describe me is goth. I'm not goth either. I'm me. I don't strive to be nonconformist. I wear black because I like to. I don't give a damn what group you think I look like. If I feel like going outside in a big, pink, fluffy bunny suit, I will. I won't want to, but I would if I did. One can like a few songs from a band without liking the band. And it's fine for one to say they like a band even if it's only for two songs. It doesn't make a difference. Tell me I don't really like a band because I only listen to two of their songs, and I'll punch you in the nose. Seriously, did the happiness in your day hinge on my liking everything that Korn has ever done? Didn't think so, shut the fuck up. I'm close to adding hipsters to my list of enemies. If you are one or know one, you should know why. If not, don't worry about it. If I scream "FUCK THE WORLD!!", don't stand beside me and join in. I mean you too. I laugh at funny things. People getting hurt is funny. Disabled people are funny. People struggling with racism are funny. Emos killing themselves are hella funny. Pain and humiliation is funny. I react to pain and humiliation with anger. I am not a hypocrite. I expect you all to react the same way, and I would expect you all to laugh at me as I would at you. I don't expect anyone to get to know me, I don't expect anyone to care, and I sure as hell don't expect anyone to read this. I will inevitably bitch in this journal. For any mutual friends, I'm sorry you have to deal with this. If you're a random reader; It's easier to navigate away from my journal than to make a comment, so shut the fuck up. If you want to call me Goth, I'll argue against it, so shut the fuck up. Want to call me a loser? We'll compare lives, so shut the fuck up. Want to call me a nonconformist? I'll put in a complaint, so shut the fuck up. Want to call me a Satanist? I'll ask to bless you in the name of Odin, so shut the fuck up. Want to ask me a question? I'll be glad to clear anything up, so please speak up. Accuse me of being racist, biased, intolerant, pushy, annoying, volatile, hateful, war-mongering, disrespectful, irreverent, insensitive, spiteful, mocking, abrasive, arrogant, snobbish, ruthless, angry, belligerent, noisy, defiant, vengeful, threatening, deranged, thoughtless, materialistic, deceitful, outrageous, wretched, vulgar, greedy, or just plain rude? Congratulations, you're getting to know me. I don't seem this way on facebook because I'm surrounded by my friends. They've earned their places. You likely have not. Just because society gives you a title, doesn't mean I'll honor it. Judges are not "your Honor", cops are not "Officer", old people are not "sir" or "ma'am". I treat everyone with the respect they earn, starting at baseline human. Prove to me you deserve to be an officer, and I'll address you as such. Start a fight? Prepare to duel. You are expected to stand up for your smart ass comments. I expect you to meet me in unarmed combat, one on one, until one of us concedes or is unable to fight. Refuse, and you forfeit your honor. Everyone will know that you backed down. And for your own sake, use some damned common sense! Most of the stupid shit people do, people know is stupid shit. Act like you have a fifth grade education, at least! You're right, I didn't finish high school. So why are you more fucked in the head than I am? Unless you can actually prove yourself smarter than me, I don't want to hear a damn thing about my school record. FUCK YOU!!!


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